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What can a Real Estate Agent do?

What can a Real Estate Agent do?

“So could you help my friend buy a townhouse too?” – A question I heard once at an event.  I thought to myself “Wow, some people really don’t understand how our business works!”

You know your job.  You have meetings and use jargon and slang specific to your industry and you work around your products all of the time!  If you work in something like food service, most people probably understand table turn and side work (or maybe I just think that because of my own experience!)  When it comes to real estate though, it’s surprising to me how many crazy questions I get about what work they do!

So I thought I would share:

First of all, REALTOR® is an industry membership organization, a club of sorts.  To be a member, you must be a licensed real estate agent in your state, and agree to uphold a high standard of ethical practices in the business.  I’m talking about real estate agents, and more specifically, real estate agents in Georgia, though the content here will likely apply mostly across the US.

  1. They can help you sell your property!  The important word here is property.  As an agent, they can market, negotiate and facilitate the sale of your: land, house, townhouse, condo, trailer park, office building, etc. Many agents choose to specialize in land/commercial as opposed to residential, but they can still help you!  Either by connecting you with the right specialist or doing it themselves.

  2. They can help you buy a property!  Again, as agents, they are licensed and educated on all types of properties and the steps that go into purchasing them.  Want to build a house from scratch? Call your agent about the steps regarding purchasing the land, permitting, connecting with a builder, etc.  Your agent should have the resources to help you acquire everything you need! Looking to grow your investment portfolio, your agent can work with you on lower priced condos or townhouses, as well as multi-family investment options.

  3. They can help you lease a property.  Did you know property management companies must have a licensed broker on their team in GA?  When you own an investment property and go to lease it out, your agent likely has a much greater set of resources to market and expose your listing for lease.  They can help you get it leased!

  4. They can help you find a rental.  Did you know that?  Next time you’re moving to a new city, call an agent!  (Or call us and they’ll find you one) Even if you’re thinking about renting, a real estate agent can provide you showing and negotiating services at no cost to you!

  5. They can help you invest your money!  Real estate appreciates.  Yes, it can go down, but guess what, when you buy land, you are buying something with scarcity.  As time goes on land value has and will continue to increase over time. Let alone the value of whatever is on it.  Buy a small townhouse and let some tenants pay the mortgage for you! At the end of thirty years, you have let other people buy you a house, and with annual appreciation around 5% on average, you’ve made out pretty well!